We provide you with Maine Coon kittens 

all year around ~


Breeding Maine Coon polydactyls (extra toes)

in case you like big, fuzzy feet ~


 Producing quality Maine Coon cats since 1997

so we can answer your questions ~


 Using Breeders from Grand Champion bloodlines

so we can provide you with top quality kittens ~


CFA registered Maine Coon cattery so you 

know you are getting a purebred ~


FIV and FeLV negative Maine Coon cattery

so you know your kitten comes from 

a responsible, caring breeder ~


 Written health guarantee provided on all kittens

sold so you know your kitten is healthy ~


Selling purebred Maine Coon kittens with breeding

rights into small, responsible, in-home catteries ~


Giving you the option of making payments 

on your kitten ~


Adopting Maine Coon Kittens into their forever homes 

for the past 17 years so others may experience 

the wonders of this outstanding breed ~

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Meet our Maine Coon Ladies
4/19/14 - We are moving out of state so will be closing our cattery
the end of May 2014.  We have some beautiful adult females
who will be looking for homes over the next month. We will
post photos of these available girls as we have them vet
checked, spayed, etc.  Please send us an email or
check back with us if you are interested in
any of these wonderful cats!
Meet our Maine Coon Ladies
4/19/14 - We have two very nice three year old girls we'll be
selling at pet price with breeding rights if anyone is interested
in them.  They will come with CFA registration.
Meet our Maine Coon Gents
4/19/14 - We thought our boy, Shadow, was placed but he may be
coming available again since we haven't heard back from the family
who was interested in him.  If you are interested in him and 
would like to be notified of his status, please let
us know!
Available Maine Coon Kittens for Sale
4/19/14 - We updated the photos of our Shadow/Shamrock
litter at 8 weeks of age and these kids are really wonderful
if you'd like to take a look!  We will start shipping them to
their new homes on April 25th so these will be the last
photos posted of them.
Expectant Maine Coon Mothers
4/5/14 -We have one last litter coming due May 4th, 2014!
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Policies, Prices and Shipping Info
Updated - 1/7/14
Meet our Maine Coon Gents
Updated - 4/19/14
Meet our Maine Coon Ladies
Updated - 4/19/14
Photos of our Past Kittens 
Expectant Maine Coon Mothers 
Updated - 4/5/14
Available Maine Coon Kittens for Sale 
Updated - 4/19/14
We have one more litter coming due!
We accept payments for our kittens!
Adults & Retired Maine Coons for Sale
Meet our Miracle Maine Coon 
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